Complementary training


Introduction to Teaching and Learning

The course emphasizes the practical aspects of teaching, with students’ learning in focus. A key activity is the participant’s analysis and development of his/her own teaching (present or future). The participants are introduced to the research in higher education and learning, and different teaching and learning activities are being discussed, and used, throughout the course. An important aspect of the course is the reflection on the experience of teaching as well as on the experience of being taught. More information can be found here.


Intellectual property and the innovation system

Patents, market surveys, venture capital, incubator activities, business plans and case-studies. The program can be found here.


Leadership and research management

To lead in the context of a global strategic plan, different styles of leadership, team-development and collaboration, conflicts and leadership in change processes, communication as a leadership tool, and self assessment. Management: Treatment of historical, cultural and human factors, details of organizing and managing project science, and examination of project case studies.


The ESR's will have opportunities to participate in complementary training courses offered at local, regional and national levels. There is also a range of complementary training programs offered by the Øresund University, which includes 14 universities in Denmark and southern Sweden. These include a regional program in Entrepreneurship for students from all the participating universities.