2008-12-17 Innovation & entrepreneurship training for the students:


2008-12-12 Peter Dobé starts on a 6-months contract
2008-11-01 Charilaos Tsarouchas starts on a 6-months contract
2008-10-29 The remaining four students start their pedagogical training
2008-09-24 The second periodic report, for P2, is submitted to the Commission
2008-05-14 Four of the students start their pedagogical training
2008-01-23 ATLAS e-news about Wei-Na Ji: http://atlas-service-enews.web.cern.ch/atlas-service-enews/profiles.html
2007-09-25 The first periodic report, for P1, is submitted to the Commission
The students are at CERN to participate in the Academic Training, have further courses and to
have a first view of the Research Infrastructure
2006-10-01 The 7 + 1 students are installed in Lund and have started their training 
2006-06-21 From the fifty applicants 7 + 1 students were selected to join this graduate school. The list of the
selected students: http://www.hep.lu.se/Lund-HEP/Lund-HEP-EST-WWW_files/Students.html 
2006-02-19 The planning-information available on the web-page.
2006-02-16 First steering group meeting held, http://agenda.hep.lu.se/fullAgenda.php?ida=a062
2006-02-14 The 7 PhD-positions are advertized
2006-02-13 The web-page is created at http://www.hep.lu.se/Lund-HEP/ .