ATLAS-TRT Front-End Electronics
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LAYER1.POS Electronics side, signal-traces, positive plot
LAYER2.POS First inner-layer, signal-traces, positive plot
LAYER3.NEG Second inner-layer, Ground power-plane, negative plot
LAYER4.NEG Third inner-layer, Supplies power-plane, negative plot
LAYER5.POS Fourth inner-layer,signal-traces, positive plot
LAYER6.POS Solder side, signal-traces, positive plot
SOLDER1.MSK Electronics side, soldermask, positive plot
SOLDER6.MSK Solder side, soldermask, positive plot
BOARD.OUT Board outline, positive plot
DRILL1-6.PLT Drill holes, through plated
DRILL1-2.PLT Drill holes, top layers (blind)
DRILL4-6.PLT Drill holes, three bottom layers (blind)
DRILL5-6.PLT Drill holes, three bottom layers (blind)
DRILL.TBL Drill definition file, excellon format
APERTURE.TBL Photoplotter definition file according to PERFAG10A, gerber format
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