ATLAS-TRT Front-End Electronics
at Lund University

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ASDBLR Amplifier Shaper Discriminator, Baseline restorer
ASTRAL The future chips which will combine the functions of both the current ASDBLR and DTMROC.
COB Chip-On-Board. The technique for bonding chip-dies directly on a PCB.
Also known as MCM-L (Multi Chip Module on Laminate).
Daughter-board The PCB with bonded die(s). This PCB does the actual signal read-out.
Die The integrated silicon wafer
DMILL Radiation hardened IC process, MATRA
DTMROC Drift-time Measuring Read-Out Chip
Mock-up =dummy, a version with most or all of the mechanical properties but none or few of the electrical.
PCB Printed Circuit Board
Roof-board The PCB designed to cover one half of the tension-plate with mounted daughter-boards.
Stamp-card Nick-name for the daughter-board with ASDBLR or DTMROC.
Based on the size which is similar to a postage stamp.
Tension-plate The PCB placed on the end of the straws. This PCB supplies the mechanical fastening for the read-out wires and connects the input-signal to the read-out daughter-boards.
Normally abbreviated TP
TRT Transition Radiation Tracker, the central vertex detector for the ATLAS detector.

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