ATLAS-TRT Front-End Electronics
at Lund University

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The current version of the Barrel front-end electronics consists of four different modules:
Inner Tension-plate, signal side A Tension-plate connecting to the actual barrel-chamber straw and distributing the signals.
ASDBLR daughter board Daughter-board containing 2 ASDBLR-chips and receiving 16 straws.
DTMROC daughter board Daughter-board containing 1 DTMROC-chip which receives the signals from the ASDBLR and distributes them to the Roof.
Roof-board Roof-board, which collects the signals from the DTMROCs and distributes power, control and read-out signals from Local Logic.
All of these boards are mounted together in a sandwich construction with straws in on one end and Local Logic connectors on the other.

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