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This design hasn't begun yet, however it's added for clarity!

You won't find anything in the sub-catalogs...

The overview and design-files are available in the following formats:
PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript for pure documentation and demonstration.
These Files are both in color and BW. Check which before printing!
IGES format for importing design information into systems supporting it (AutoCAD
Don't forget the layer description file!
Gerber files are the ones produced for manufacuring of the boards. Their measurements are EXACTLY as the produced board.
They are however quite large are difficult to modify since they're made of lines and dots.
MGC design files. These are the actual designs we have used. they are in a 'released & editable' format which means that they include EVERYTHING necessary for the design.
They can be converted by some other major CAD-systems (CADENCE, but probably not by any existing mechanics CAD-system.
Pictures, photos and scans in jpg formats.
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