ATLAS Front-End Electronics
DTMROC dummy card
MGC Design
o Overview
o Tension-plate
o Stamp-card
o Roof Board
o Chip Development
v Prototype boards
vCooling prototype
oASDBLR simulation
vDTMROC simulation
oPS plots
oIGES Files
vMGC Design
oRoof simulation
oDTMROC tester
oHP82000 boards
oMiscellaneous test-boards
o Software
o Glossary and Index
o Links Complete design, compressed format.
  Design created using Mentor Graphics set of electronics CAD tools.
Schematic Schematic sheets for design tool 'Design Architect'
Components Component information for schematics and layout
Layout Geometries and traces for design tool 'Layout'
Manufacturing All information for producing manufacturing files, for design tool 'Fablink'
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