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The Tension-plate or TP for short, is the mainboard which acts as a motherboard for the read-out electronics as well as a mechanical fastening plate for the straw ends. The tension-plate also houses the HV-decoupling capacitors for the detector straws and and the input-protection resistors for the ASDBLR chips.
The top layer of the TP facing the read-out electronics is covered with a continous ground-plane to reduce mutual coupling between the electronics and the straws.
The Tension-plate comes in three different versions, one each for the different concentric read-out layer. These different versions are called 'Inner TP', 'Middle TP' and 'Outer TP' respectively.

Tension-plate review documentation is now available!

The different types of the Tension-plate:
Inner Tension-plate, signal side Tension-plate for Inner Barrel Module.
Middle TP, preliminary Tension-plate for Middle Barrel Module.
Preliminary sketch!
Outer TP, preliminary Tension-plate for Outer Barrel Module.
Preliminary sketch!
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