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Middle Tension-plate
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Final Production Version Layout, 'fill page' color A4 Layout, scale 1:1 color A3 Layout, 'fill page' color A3 Placement, 'fill page' A4 Placement, scale 1:1 A3 Placement, 'fill page' A3
Old designs
Nov -98 Design Board-outline and routing.
Module2.0_route.eps Board-outline and routing, in color.
Module2.0_route&groundplane.eps Board-outline, routing and top ground-plane (buggy ps-driver...) in color.
Module2.0_route& Board-outline, routing and db-placement.
Module2.0_route&mechanics.eps Board-outline, routing, db-placement and mechanics in color.
Old preliminary design, Oct -95
tension-plate_middle_route.eps Signal-traces and capacitor-placement on layer facing straws.
tension-plate_middle_hv.eps High-Voltage straw grouping.
tension-plate_middle_hv_color.eps High-Voltage straw grouping, in color.
tension-plate_middle_hv_db.eps High-Voltage straw-grouping with stamp-cards overlaid.
tension-plate_middle_hv_db_color.eps High-Voltage straw-grouping with stamp-cards overlaid, in color.
tension-plate_middle_hv_db_frame.eps High-Voltage straw-grouping with stamp-cards/support-frame overlaid.
tension-plate_middle_hv_db_frame_color.eps High-Voltage straw-grouping with stamp-cards/support-frame overlaid, in color.
tension-plate_middle_db.eps Stamp-cards and support-frame placement overlaid.
tension-plate_middle_db_color.eps Stamp-cards and support-frame placement overlaid, in color.
tension-plate_middle_hv_db_route.eps HV-grouping, routing and stamp-cards/support-frame placement overlaid.
tension-plate_middle_hv_db_route_color.eps HV-grouping, routing and stamp-cards/support-frame placement overlaid, in color.
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