Schedule Spring 2016

Modern Experimental Particle Physics FYST17

Date Location Topic Lecturer
Mon, Jan 18 K262 Introductory meeting E. Lytken
Wed, Jan 20 K262 The Standard Model I E. Lytken
Fri, Jan 22 Aud D The Standard Model II E. Lytken
Mon, Jan 25 K262 Neutrinos E. Lytken
Wed, Jan 27 K262 Detectors E. Lytken
Fri, Jan 29 Aud D LHC Physics I E. Lytken
Mon, Feb 1 K262 LHC Physics II
Deadline PP exercises
E. Lytken
Wed, Feb 3 K262 MC and Simulation E. Lytken
Fri, Feb 5 Aud D PP exercises back E. Lytken
Mon, Feb 8 K262 Heavy Ion Physics I P. Christiansen
Wed, Feb 10 K262 Backup / overflow E. Lytken
Fri, Feb 12 Aud D Statistics: fitting and hypothesis testing E. Lytken
Mon, Feb 15 K262 Heavy Ion Physics II P. Christiansen
Wed, Feb 17 K262 Statistical methods in Particle physics E. Lytken
Fri, Feb 19 Aud D The Higgs Discovery
Deadline HI exercises
E. Lytken
Mon, Feb 22 K262 Beam Dynamics I + Beyond the SM I E. Laface + E. Lytken
Wed, Feb 24 K262 Beyond the SM II E. Lytken
Fri, Feb 26 Aud D Beam Dynamics II + overflow E. Laface
Mon, Feb 29 K262 Beam Dynamics III + Student seminars E. Laface
Wed, Mar 2 K262 The Cosmic Connection E. Lytken
Fri, Mar 4 Aud D Beam Dynamics IV + Student seminars E. Laface
Mon, Mar 7 Aud D Student seminars E. Lytken
Wed, Mar 9 K262 Student seminars E. Lytken
Fri, Mar 11 ESS lab visit 10:00 E. Laface
Final exam 14/3 kl 10:00 - 16/3 kl 10:00