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DELPHI is the international collaboration in particle physics, joining about 550 physicists from 56 participating universities and institutes in 22 countries. In the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), the collaboration constructed one of the four detectors (DELPHI stands for DEtector for Lepton, Photon and Hadron Identification), situated on the LEP accelerator ring, with purposes to register electron-positron annihilation events.

DELPHI detector in
  the underground experimental hall

The DELPHI detector came into operation in 1989, and since than is collecting experimental data for the consequent physical analysis. Electron-positron annihilation has been studied for various center-of-mass energies : at the Z0 boson peak (91.2 GeV) in 1989-1995, 130-136 GeV in November 1996, 161 GeV in July/August 1996, 172 GeV in October/November 1996 and 183 GeV since 1997.

Physicist from the Lund University are involved in many aspects of the DELPHI activity. This server provides short introduction to the DELPHI detector and ongoing analysis, with emphasis on the Lund group activities.

e+e- annihilation as seen by the DELPHI detector
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