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Grid storage usage tips

Instructions below apply to the Iridium cluster in Lund. It is assumed you have Grid certificates; if no, please refer to the certificate usage instructions before starting.


This needs to be done only once (you probably have done it already if you used any Grid tools).

Create these two directories:

mkdir $HOME/.globus
mkdir $HOME/.voms

Make sure you are a member of ATLAS VO, and create the ATLAS VO contact file:

echo '"atlas" "" "15001" "/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/" "atlas" ' > .voms/vomses

Copy your Grid certificates to the cluster (this needs to be repeated every year, when you get new certificates):

scp .globus/usercert.pem
scp .globus/userkey.pem
chmod 400 .globus/userkey.pem

To be done upon every login

Run the necessary setup:

(other setups may be needed for other activities, - these are only necessary to open a file)

Every day create a new ATLAS proxy certificate:

arcproxy -S atlas

To open a file in ROOT

Use TFile::Open() with root:// protocol prefix and the long path to our storage:

For example:

To copy files by hand

To copy files to/from the storage, use the srm:// protocol and arccp tool, for example:

arccp srm:// file:///tmp/NTUP_SUSY.292683._000131.root.1

To specify files as input for Grid jobs

Use the srm:// URLs, e.g.

(inputfiles = "NTUP_SUSY.292683._000131.root.1" "srm://")

ATLAS users: To request a transfer via Rucio UI

Use the page at

The name of the storage element on that page is:


You can ispect the storage status via Rucio UI as well.

When things don't work, contact:
Oxana Smirnova
Florido Paganelli
Balazs Konya

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