Hotel Information

The organisers pre-booked several rooms for November 27 to 29 in the hotels listed below. The Nordic LHC Physics Workshop participants will have their hotel expences covered by the organizers.

Hotel Fare (SEK/night) Rooms reserved Address
Anhörighotellet Single room, 399 SEK
(breakfast 40.-)
20 single Gettingevägen 6
Tel. +46-46-178600, Fax +46-46-178687
Sparta Double room 27 Nov, 810 SEK
Double room 28-29 Nov, 650 SEK
Breakfast included
Single occupancy for double rooms is possible
4 single,
16 double
Tunavägen 39
Tel. +46-46-191600, Fax +46-46-128525

The general list of hotels in Lund, with prices, can be found at the city of Lund homepage. However, workshop organisers do not provide accomodation in hotels other than listed above.