Nordic LHC Physics Workshop


Thursday 16.3. 2000
14.00-15.45 Physics Introduction
14.00-14.15 Welcome and information
14.15-15.00 Overview on LHC physics (I. Hinchliffe/LBL)
15.00-15.45 Implications on R-parity violation on parton showers (P. Richardson/Oxford)
15.45-18.00 Session on the LHC data processing
15.45-16.10 Are Computatinal Grids a Solution for Data-intesive Geografically Distributed Clusters? (L. Robertson/CERN)
16.10-16.30 The GRID: Users and Applications (P. Öster/KTH)
16.30-16.50 MONARC: results and open issues (L. Perini/Milano)
16.50-17.15 Discussion
-- coffee --
17.45-17.55 Computing in ATLAS (T. Åkesson/Lund+CERN)
17.55-18.05 Computing in ALICE (S. Garpman/Lund)
18.05-18.15 GRID project in the US (I. Hinchliffe/LBL)
18.15- Discussion
Friday 17.3. 2000
8.30-10.30 Theoretical "challenges" by participating theorists:
08.30-09.00 P. Osland/Bergen - Higgs properties and radions,
09.00-09.30 K. Huitu/Helsinki - R-parity breaking channels and doubly-charged Higgses
09.30-10.00 P. DiVecchia/NORDITA - extra dimensions
10.00-10.30 A. Khodjamirian/NBI - rare B decays, B production
-- coffee --
11.00-12.35 Experimental framework and MC implementation
11.00-11.45 Experimental framework: cross-sections, backgrounds, triggers, acceptance etc., J-R Hansen/NBI
11.45-12.30 Implementation of new physics in PYTHIA, T. Sjöstrand/Lund
-- lunch --
14.00-15.30 Past case studies: analysis tools
14.00-14.25 SUSY MSSM/GMSB studies in ATLAS: variables, cuts, typical backgrounds etc., J. Sjölin/Stockholm
14.25-14.50 SUGRA/R-parity violation studies in ATLAS: variables, cuts, typical backgrounds etc., Chr. Clement/KTH
14.50-15.30 Higgs and SUSY studies in CMS, R. Kinnunen/Helsinki
15.30-19.00 Brainstorming session
   This will be based on ideas and tools presented here. For each topic, summarize
   We foresee to be able to discuss the topics one after another, so that all can participate. The discussion will be lead by a theorist and an experimentalist.
15.30-16.00 R-parity breaking - K. Huitu
16.00-16.30 Doubly charged Higgs - K. Huitu
-- coffee --
17.00-17.30 Higgs production and properties (SM and MSSM) - P. Osland
17.30-18.00 Radions - P. Osland
18.00-18.30 Rare B decays and B production - A. Khodjamirian
18.30-19.00 Extra dimensions - P. DiVecchia
--- workshop dinner ---
19.30-22.30 Dinner takes place in "Pelarsalen", University Main Building, Paradisgatan 2, Lund
Saturday 18.3. 2000
9.00-12.00 Summary and future plans
9.00-10.30 Wind-up, one person for each task presents the tasks
and plans how to proceed
-- coffee --
10.30-12.00 Wind-up continued

The next workshop: September 8-9, 2000 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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