Anja Boisen is professor in Nano Systems Engineering at department of Micro and Nano Engineering (MIC) at the Technical University of Denmark. Her current research is concerning nano- and micro-mechanical sensors and actuators.

In 1999 Anja achieved the competitive FREJA grant for female research leaders (acceptance rate of less than 3 %) from the Danish Research Foundation to establish her group. Anja was awarded the AEG Electronics prize in 2000 for an extraordinary contribution to the electrotechnical field.

Anja Boisen received her industrial Ph.D. in micromechanics in 1997 from MIC and the company Danish Micro Engineering A/S. Since 1997 she is at MIC, where she is now the Section Leader of NanoSystems Engineering (NSE). She has a thorough knowledge on micromechanics and nanotechnology and has more than 9 years experience in microfabrication and cantilever-based sensing.

Anja is cofounder of the company Cantion A/S, which was established in 2001.