Anna Lipniacka is professor of physics at the Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen. Research in Particle Physics: 2001-present ATLAS collaboration at CERN, 2000-2003 D0 collaboration at Fermilab, USA. 1990-present DELPHI collaboration at LEP, CERN. 1992-1993 Solenoidal Detector Collaboration and D0, USA. 1983-1990 CERN-Dortmund-Heildelberg-Saclay-Warsaw Collaboration (CDHSW) at the SPS neutrino beam at CERN. 1984-1986 ZEUS Collaboration at HERA, DESY, Germany.

Full Professor at University of Bergen since 2003. 2001-2003 Lecturer (assoc. professor) at Stockholm University. 1997-2000 Assistant Professor, Stockholm University. 1999 Corresponding Associate, CERN. 1990-1997 researcher at Universities of Warsaw, UC Irvine, LAL Paris Sud, Padova, Stockholm. 1990 Ph.D. in Physics (Experimental High Energy Physics), University of Warsaw, Poland.