Karin Schönning, Ph. D. student in hadron physics at the department of Nuclear and Particle Physics, Uppsala University, since May 2003.

Research interest: Meson production in proton-deuteron collisions with the CELSIUS/WASA facility. Background: Physics studies at Uppsala University and Eidgenössige Technische Hochschule (ETH), Zuerich, Switzerland. Diploma thesis within the COMPASS experiment at CERN

Previous gender equality related studies:

"Kvinnliga studenter vid institutionen för strålningsvetenskap" together with Agnes Lundborg http://www3.tsl.uu.se/~schonnin/isvgrrls.pdf

"Maskrosfysiker" together with Agnes Lundborg http://www3.tsl.uu.se/~lundborg/maskrosfysiker.pdf

web page: www3.tsl.uu.se/~schonnin