Katarina Svanberg MD., PhD. Associate Professor of Oncology, Department of Oncology, Chief Oncologist, Oncology Clinic, Lund University Hospital, Lund University.


Katarina Svanberg started her research career by studying laser light interaction in biological tissue. Her PhD thesis in Medical Science presented pre-clinical research work within experimental photodynamic therapy and tissue spectroscopy. The post doc research activity has been focussed on clinical application of the pre clinical achievements. Katarina Svanberg has combined her clinical activity with research work and thus been able to introduce a new cancer treatment modality in Oncology (Photodynamic Therapy) at the Lund University Hospital. She has been a key person in the collaboration in between several clinics and departments at the Lund University Hospital in introducing and applying laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy for early tumour detection. K.S. is a board member of Lund Laser Centre and since 1993. She is the director of the Lund University Medical Laser Centre.