Pauline Gagnon, Associate Scientist, Physics Department, Indiana University.

Ph.D in Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz 1993.

Research experience: Research Associate, Center for Research in Particle Physics, Ottawa, Canada 95–99; Research Associate, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 93–95; Research Assistant, University of California at Santa Cruz 88–93.

Teaching experience: Lecturer, San Francisco State University, San Francisco 85–87; Faculty member, Collège de Jonquière, Jonquière, Québec, Canada 79–84; Lecturer, Collège de Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, Québec Canada 78–79.

Research Interests: High energy physics data analysis – Higgs bosons, heavy flavours. ATLAS Transition Radiation Tracker.

Current experiment: ATLAS. Past experiments: OPAL, E791.

Editor of ATLAS e-news.


Founding member of the ATLAS women’s network.