Sara Goodman is on the teaching staff at the Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University. Her background is in sociology (FL) and research policy.  Her research areas include gender and work; science, technology and society; gender, skills and knowledge; globalisation. During the last five years Goodman has focused upon learning, teaching and gender and has given courses at Lund University for university teachers and doctoral students on gender perspectives in learning and teaching. Currently, she is working in three projects related to learning and gender:

·        “Gender perspectives on university education and academic disciplines - a pedagogic project for the development of teaching” supported by Council for the Renewal of Higher Education  

·        “Gender and Equity in the field of Learning and IT – a research network”, supported  by LearnIT, the research programme associated with The Knowledge Foundation of Sweden (KK-stiftelse)

·        “Learning in groups: a multidisciplinary perspective on creating and participating in discursive spaces of learning”, supported by the Swedish Research Council