Sofia Feltzing is currently a Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Research Fellow supported by a grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, and a senior lecturer at theLund Observatory, Lund University. She has been a research associate and a research assistant at the Lund Observatory, and a post-doc at Institute of Astronomy/Royal Greenwich Observatory on a post-doc fellowship from NFR (Swedish research council).

The main goal of her research is to provide strong observational constraints for models of galaxy formation and evolution. In particular she is interested in how a spiral galaxy forms. Her observational efforts are divided into three main lines of work: The formation and evolution of the galactic thick and thin disks; Metallicities and chemical histories of dSph galaxies; and Elemental abundances in metal-rich globular clusters.


Sofia has also a strong interest in issues related to gender studies, in particular those of relevance for scientists, both male and female. After defending her thesis Two studies of Galactic Chemical Evolution the 2 February 1996 she spent six months working on an interview project with the working title "Women in Swedish Astronomy" together with her supervisor Bengt Gustafsson.