The 19'th Nordic Particle Physics Meeting
Spåtind 2006

Preliminary information about the programme

The scientific program will start on Thursday 5 January and end on Monday 9 January. For contributed talks there will be slots of 15 and 20 minutes. Those wishing to give a contributed talk should fill in the separate form .

The overview speakers are:
  • John Womersley, FNAL and RAL - Fermilab collider physics results and future plans
  • Karl Jakobs, Freiburg U - Higgs searches at hadron colliders
  • Andrea Romanino, SISSA/ISAS and INFN Trieste - Split supersymmetry
  • Ulf Lindström, Uppsala U - String theory overview
  • Steinar Stapnes, Oslo U - Latest news about the LHC and the experiments
  • Neville Harnew, Oxford U - B-physics overview: B-factory results and prospects for the LHC
  • Per Olof Hulth, Stockholm U - Telescopes for ultra-high energy neutrinos
  • Arttu Rajantie, Imperial College - Cosmology overview
  • Alessandro De Angelis, Udine U - Gamma-ray/Astroparticle experiments
  • Joakim Nystrand, Bergen U - Heavy ion physics experiments
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