Caterina Doglioni

Associate Senior Lecturer at Lund University

Member of the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN


I am a researcher at Lund University and a member of the ATLAS Collaboration, an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. I search for new physics phenomena that can be produced in the LHC's proton-proton collisions, motivated by the presence of dark matter in our universe. Together with a post-doctoral researcher and two students, I work on the DARKJETS project, seeking the particles that mediate the interaction between known particles and Dark Matter particles. My research is financed by the European Research Council and by the Swedish Research Council, Vetenskaprådet.
Here is a blog post from F. Trovato, a PhD student at the University of Sussex, explaining my research on dark matter.
You can find a series of links concerning my research below.

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A glimpse of (no) Dark Matter with the ATLAS experiment

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CV and list of publications

Here's a link to my current list of publications,
as well as to my curriculum vitae.


I enjoy involving the general public in my research, and I am involved in the outreach projects below.


Together with Peter Christiansen , I teach the "High energy physics and accelerators" (FYSC14) course at the Physics faculty of Lund University. Here's the Live@Lund page for the course.


Caterina Doglioni
Office A421, Fysikum
22241 Professorgatan 1, Lund

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