Research training course in Detector Technology

A Research Training Course in Detector Technology will be organized in Stockholm and in Helsinki in Autumn 2008.

The first part of the course will consist of one week of introductory lectures in basic detection techniques, detectors and accelerators. The lectures will take place in Stockholm 8.-12.9.2008.

The second part will consist of self-studies.

The third part will be a two-week stay in Helsinki 24.11.-5.12.2008, consisting of hands-on supervised laboratory work with semiconductor detectors, gas detectors, and read-out systems at the Detector Laboratory at the Helsinki Institute of Physics , as well as training at Micronova, Research Centre for Micro- and Nanotechnology.

The course is equivalent to 12 ECTS credits, and the level of the course is advanced. Examination will take place through home exercises covering the theoretical part of the course, and through a written report about the laboratory exercises which should be submitted a few weeks after the end of the laboratory work period in Helsinki. You must be able to participate in the whole course.

Travel to and lodging in Stockholm and Helsinki will be covered by a NordForsk special grant for Research Training Courses.

Practical information concerning the two course weeks in Helsinki 24.11.-5.12.2008

Practical information concerning the course week in Stockholm 8.-12.9.2008