Seminar schedule FYS225/FKF050, Spring term 2004



Date                Time    Room  Topic                                                   Name                    


03 Mar, Wed   09-10   C366   (research project presentation continued)                                             

03 Mar, Wed   10-11   C366   Discovery of top-quark                         Johannes Lindén                                             



04 Mar, Thu     14-16   C366   Discovery of neutrino oscillations           Mikael Bonnier

04 Mar, Thu     14-16   C366   Discovery of CP violation                     Gustav Lundqvist



05 Mar, Fri      14-16   C366   Search for the Higgs boson                   Andreas Ekström

05 Mar, Fri      14-16   C366   Dark matter                                          Josefin Larsson

05 Mar, Fri      14-16   C366   Dark energy                                         Andreas Norlin


                                                Discovery of J/y                                                                                  

                                                Discovery of W and Z bosons

                                                Discovery of pentaquarks