The Linear Collider 1996-

In 1995 I was offered to be a member of the organising committee for the DESY/ECFA working group with the aim of formulating a conceptual design report for such a facility. In this work I also actively contributed to the proposed design of a detector for measuring e+e- collisions.

The full concept of such a facility includes the integration of free electron lasers and the possibility to extract an electron beam in the 15-30 GeV range for nuclear physics studies of parton dynamics. In 1996 I organised (together with G. Ingelman) a workshop on 'Future electron accelerators and free electron lasers - prospects and opportunities in natural sciences' held in Uppsala, attended by scientist from particle physics, nuclear physics, atomic physics, synchrotron light physics, biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular biophysics, inorganic chemistry and medicine. A short summary of the meeting was published in Europhysics News [September/October 1996] and the full proceedings was published in Nuclear Instruments and Methods.