2nd ECFA/DESY Study on Physics and Detectors
for a Linear Electron-Positron Collider

28-30 June 1998

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Provisional Program
Saturday 27 June 1998
20:00    Meeting of WG conveners
Sunday 28 June 1998
09:00  B.E.Y. Svensson  Welcome
09:10    Announcements
09:15  V. Telnov  Gamma-gamma physics at the LC
10:00  C. Heusch  The e-e- option
10:30  J. Butterworth  R-parity violation
11:00    Coffee
11:30  S. Ambrosanio  Gauge-mediated SUSY breaking models and the linear collider
12:10  M. Leenen  LC news from the EPAC'98 conference
12:30  D. Schulte  LC news from the EPAC'98 conference
12:45    Lunch
14:30  E. Torrence  Precision energy measurements at the LC
14:50  F. Richard  Reference reactions
15:20  P. Burrows  Flavour ID and possible improvments of LC
15:40    Coffee
16:20  R. Orava  Jet identification: a new tool
16:40  D. Miller  Measuring the luminosity spectrum
16:55  U. Nauenberg  Supersymmetry simulations
17:15  M. Sachwitz  SM Higgs, discovery potentials and BR
17:35  T. Teubner  ttbar at threshold
17:55  R. Raja  The muon collider
18:30    Meeting of the organising committee
Monday 29 June 1998
09:00    Parallel sessions
09:00    Top (room L219), M-D interf. (room C368), SUSY (Audit.)
10:00    Det. R&D (room C366), Generators (roomC368)
11:00    Coffee
13:00    Lunch
14:30    QCD (room L219), EW + (room C366), Higgs (Audit.)
15:45    Coffee
17:00    Simulation (room C368)
19:00    Buffet at the University Building
Tuesday 30 June 1998
09:00    Parallel sessions; WG's organising themselves
10:00    Coffee
10:30    WG reports and future plans
13:00    Lunch
Last update : May 12,1998

  Organizing committee :

David Miller (U.C. London, chair), Enrique Fernandez (Barcelona, chair of ECFA), Michael Danilov (ITEP), Rolf Heuer (CERN), Leif Jönsson (Lund), Paolo Laurelli (Frascati), Martin Leenen (DESY), Francois Richard (Orsay), Ron Settles (Munich), Torbjörn Sjöstrand (Lund), Albrecht Wagner (DESY), Peter Zerwas (DESY).

Local organizing committee :

Leif Jönsson, Torbjörn Sjöstrand.