Björn Lundberg

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Name: Björn Lundberg 
Title: Research engineer 
Office: A311 
Phone: +46 - (0)46-2229679 
Fax: +46 - (0)46-2223601 
E-mail address: 
Home Phone: +46 - (0)410 334610

Main activities

Electronics development for the following projects:
ATLAS    readout electronics for barrel TRT.
H1    maintenance of the electronics for the radiation monitor.
Also responsible for maintaining computer hardware and software. PC:s and HP workstations.
Although we use Windows95/98 on PC:s and HP-UX (Unix) on our workstations, we're migrating to
Linux on Intel hardware in an accelerating pace.

Personal Stuff

I'll fill in this section sometime in the distant future...

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