Else Lytken

  • Date of birth: July 13th, 1975
  • Nationality: DK
  • Married, two children

  • Employment
    April 2013 - current: Senior Lecturer (universitetslektor) Lund University
    (Parental leave in 2013 and 2016)

    April 2009 - March 2013: Associate Senior Lecturer (Biträdende lektor) Lund University
    January 2007 - March 2009: CERN Research Fellow
    January 2004 - January 2007 Postdoctoral researcher at Purdue University
    April 2000 - September 2000: Full-time Research Assistant (forskningsassistent) at the Niels Bohr Institute.

    Since June 2011 Docent in Physics at Lund University
    December 2003: PhD in particle physics, Niels Bohr Institute
    Thesis: "Prospects for slepton searches at the LHC".
    Supervisor John R. Hansen
    March 2000: Cand.Scient. (M.Sc.) in Physics, Niels Bohr Institute

    Prizes, fellowships etc

    2012 Sten von Friesens prize
    2011 Junior research grant VR
    2007 CERN research fellowship

    K. Mankinen
    Searches for lepton flavor violation in same-sign final states
    O. Viazlo, PhD
    February 2017
    "Search for Beyond Standard Model physics with high-pt leptons"
    L. Bryngemark, PhD
    March 2016
    (deputy supervisor)
    "Search for new Phenomena in Dijet Angular Distributions at sqrt s = 8 and 13 TeV"
    A. Hawkins, PhD
    November 2014
    "Search for beyond Standard Model physics with same-sign dileptons" Thesis
    W. Ji, PhD
    September 2010
    "Prospects of observing the decay Bc -> J/psi pi in the ATLAS experiment and alignment performance of the inner detector" Thesis
    N. Boelaert, PhD
    September 2010
    (deputy supervisor)
    "Dijet angular distributions in proton proton collisions at sqrt s = 7 TeV and sqrt s = 14 TeV" Thesis
    Undergraduates: J.Merouani ("Microscopic Black Holes", 2011 ),
    J. Calven ("Warped Extra Dimensions in the Randall-Sundrum Model and a Simple Implementation in PYTHIA8",2012 ),
    M.-L. Wong ("Grid computing and supersymmetry searches in the 2-lepton channel",2012 ),
    T. Handel ("Evaluation of the ATLAS Transition Radiation Tracker calibration", 2012),
    J. Thoren ("Grand Unified Theories: SU (5), SO(10) and supersymmetric SU (5)", 2012),
    S. Arnling Bååth ("Search for indications of Majorana neutrinos in same-sign dimuons", 2014),
    D. MashaallahPoor ("Measurement of the charge asymmetry in top quark pair decay in the e-mu channel", 2014),
    L. Vesterbacka Olsson ("Optimization of a search for doubly-charged Higgs bosons in same-sign di-muon final states at sqrt(s) =8 TeV with the ATLAS detector", 2015)
    R. Lydahl ("Observation of the associated production of a J/psi meson with a W boson in pp collisions at 8 TeV using the ATLAS detector", 2016 )

    From Spring 2016: Lecturer and responsible for "Modern Experimental Particle Physics" at Lund University
    Fall 2009 - Spring 2015: Lecturer and responsible for "Particle Physics, Accelerators, and Cosmology" at Lund University
    Fall 2002: Teaching Assistant (instruktor) in Matematik A
    February 2000 - May 2000: Teaching Assistant (instruktor) in Fysik 12: special relativity and thermodynamics.
    September 1998 - December 1999: Teaching Assistant (instruktor) in Matematik A,
    mathematics for first-year students in chemistry and bio-chemistry.
    October 1997 - June 1998: Teaching Assistant at UCI, lab courses.


    for Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics and JINST
    Expert evaluator Marie Curie Individual Fellowships 2016, Physics panel

    International talks
    July 2012 Searches for new physics in multileptons and like-sign dileptons with ATLAS, ICHEP 2012, Melbourne
    August 2009 LHC Status and Physics Prospects, NorWiP, Helsinki
    March 2009 Searches for New Physics: Appetizers from CDF and ATLAS, Seminar at Lund University
    February 2009 First Measurements with Low Mass Dileptons in ATLAS, Seminar at Freiburg University
    January 2009 First Measurements with Low Mass Dileptons in ATLAS, Seminar at Wuppertal University
    May 2008 B and Onia Production in ATLAS, HERA-LHC
    July 2007 Searches for Chargino-Neutralino Pair Production at CDF, SUSY07, Karlsruhe
    April 2006 CDF Searches for New physics, CERN Particle Physics Seminar
    March 2006 SUSY Searches at the Tevatron, Rencontres de Moriond
    March 2006 CDF Searches for New physics, Seminar at the Paul Scherrer Institute
    February 2005 SUSY Searches at the Tevatron, Aspen Winter Conference
    July 2003 Searches for Direct Slepton Production, LHC Advanced Physics Institute, Prague
    May 2003 An ATLAS Study of Slepton Masses at SPS1a, 7th Nordic LHC Workshop
    April 2003 SUSY Searches with ATLAS, APS-DPF April meeting

    Other talks
    March 2017 "Upptack partikelfysik", Lund NMT days
    May 2011 "Beyond the Standard Model Speculations and Signatures" Docent lecture.
    November 2010 "How I became a researcher in High energy physics" arranged by Lunds Naturvetarkår/ the Faculty of Science's students union.
    November 2010 "The Search for the Higgs boson", Fysik-kväll LTH.
    During 2008 "Partikelfysik: En smagsprøve" for Danish High School students visiting CERN.

    Academic Service
    Since 2015 Member of the election committee for the Faculty of Science, LU (Valberedningen)
    PLHC 2016 On the International Advisory Committee and the local organizing committee for PLHC2016
    2015 - 2016 Swedish delegate in ACCU
    NPD 2013 On the organization committee for Nordic Physics Days 2013
    October 2011 - 2013: Co-convener for the ATLAS Exotics Diboson/Multilepton group
    April 2011 - 2013: Analysis coordinator for the ATLAS inclusive SS dilepton search
    2012 - 2016: Deputy head of the Division of Particle Physics , Lund University
    2011 - 2016 Member of the board of the Lund Department of Physics Styrelsen
    2010 - 2014: Member of the board of the Particle Physics section of the Swedish Physics Society SFS
    2007 - 2009: Member of the ATLAS Collaboration Board Chair Advisory Group and spokesperson election committee
    Fall 2005 - Fall 2006: CDF lepton group co-convener
    Fall 2005: Monte Carlo Coordinator for CDF Exotics group
    April 1999 - April 2000: Member of the PhD committee at NBI.
    April 1999 - April 2000: Member of the local Board ( Afdelingsbestyrelsen ) at the Niels Bohr Institute.

    in schools:
    European School of High Energy Physics Pylos, Greece. (2002), Nordic Winter School on Particle Physics and Cosmology, Gausdal, Norway (2001), 38th Course on Subnuclear Physics: ISSP 2000, Erice, Sicily (2000)
    October - December 2000: Participate in production of modules for ATLAS transition radiation tracker at Duke University
    Summer 1999: CERN Summer Student
    1997 - 1998: Attend first and second year graduate courses at University of California, Irvine.
    1995 - 1998: Københavns Brandvæsens Orkester.
    1988 - 1995: Ballerup Skole-/Ungdoms Orkester.

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