VSAT dismantling, click on an image and you will get an enlargement.

Dismantling of detector
VSAT module after opening the lateral wall:
Stack before opening
Stack seen from the top
Stack seen from the bottom
FAD preamplifiers FAD preamplifiers
FAD card View of the three kind of detectors
Strip x detector Strip y detector
Strip y detector FAD detector

Dismantling of the readout electronics
Some modules are still missing, will eventually appear.
Early morning Cleaning Lund office
Tunnel crates in the rack, before uncabling FASTBUS and NIM create, FIP and PANDORA already gone
Rack uncabled Tunnel crate
FASTBUS patch card FDDP
Tunnel processor Multiplexer card
Local Trigger Supervisor - LTS Local Trigger Supervisor (back)
Minibunch controller - LURFB
Investigating the destination and recuperating chips Goodbye!
The last view We go skating