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Iridium cluster Work In Progress

Iridium cluster is a computing facility to serve researchers from Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics at Lund University.

It is currently maintained by Florido Paganelli and Luis Sarmiento (aka Pico) with the help of the Lunarc team.


:!: new schedule set September 9th, 2015 :!:

DONE (as 9th Sep 2015)

DONE (as 17th Mar 2014)

DONE (as 31st Jan 2014)

DONE (as 29th Jan 2014)

DONE (as 15th Oct 2013)

DONE (as 15th Sept 2013)

DONE (as 20th August 2013)

Tech documents

Description of the cluster. Some of these documents might have restricted access. Contact me if you need to access those.

Captain's log

All the work that has been done, day by day.

Moved to another page because it was to big: captainslog



Various other stuff

Wanted packages on nodes

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