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 ==== Installation if connected via Wireless ==== ==== Installation if connected via Wireless ====
-The best is to book a time with me if you need to install. +The printers currently ​do not work via Wireless, sorry.
- +
-If you really want to do yourself: +
- +
-Root/Admin privileges: might be needed if you need to install new drivers +
- +
-Install the printer drivers yourself, and then install the printer by using its hostname. +
-When choosing the printer driver, I suggest either PS or PCL. The result may vary depending on the printer. +
- +
-This may vary depending on the printer vendor, and Linux may or may not have the drivers. +
-A list of tested working drivers is provided [[#​Drivers|here]] +
- +
-All you need to do is to provide the hostname of the printer. In most cases it will work if you use +
- +
-  socket://<​printer FQDN>:​9100 +
-or +
-  http://<​printer FQDN> +
-   +
-e.g. +
- +
-  socket://​​9100 +
-  http://​ +
 ---- ----
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