David Silvermyr - FYSA01 - Nuclear and Particle Physics

Material handouts during the nuclear and particle physics part of FYSA01

Planning (ht2015, pdf)
Suggested exercises (ht2015, pdf)

Nuclear Physics

NP slides (ht2015, pdf)


Relativity slides (ht2015, pdf)

Particle Physics

Particle physics slides (ht2015, pdf)

PPT about particle classification

A selection of additional Part phys problems

An old exam in Nuclear and particle physics

Another old exam

Material covered, but will not be on the exam

Accelerator slides (ht2015, pdf)
Detector slides (ht2015, pptx)

Video links
Daily show CERN visit
Flying over ALICE experiment

Some links that may be of interest

Facts and figures and some educational tools in Nuclear Physics
KTH/SKC - some info on Swedish nuclear power
Popularized story about the particles
Facts about particle data. The bible
Phenix, Heavy ion experiment at Brookhaven, Lund participates
ATLAS, big pp experiment at LHC at CERN, Lund participates
ALICE big heavy ion experiment at LHC at CERN; Lund participates