David Silvermyr's Ph.D. lineage

Name Ph.D. Institution Date info
David Silvermyr Lund University, Physics 2002
Evert Stenlund Lund University, Physics 1981
Ingvar Otterlund Lund University, Physics 1969
Sten von Friesen Uppsala University, Physics 1935 Wiki
Manne Siegbahn Lund University, Physics 1911 Wiki, Nobel Prize bio (1924)
J.R. Rydberg Lund University, Mathematics 1879 Wiki, Rydberg constant

i.e. Silvermyr's primary advisor (handledare) was Stenlund, who was advised by Otterlund, who was advised by von Friesen, who was advised by Siegbahn, who was advised by Rydberg.

Silvermyr's opponent for the PhD defense (Nov 16, 2001) was Dr. Hans-Georg Ritter (LBNL), and the thesis committee (betygsnämnd) consisted of Prof. Bengt Lund-Jensen (KTH), Prof. Michael Eriksson (MAXLAB) and Prof. Torbjörn Sjöstrand (LU THEP).