Possible excursions

1) Visit to the island of VEN and Tycho Brahe's observatory.

13:15 Departure Lund with busses Kyrkbacken, Ven
14:15 Departure Landskrona with boat
14:45 Arrival Ven
Sight seeing on the island and visit to the observatory
18:15 Departure Ven
18:45 Arrival Landskrona
19:30 Arrival Lund

Information about the island Ven can be found on http://www.hven.com/.

The price would be around 25Euro.

Restrictions: The transportation on Ven has to be booked well in advance otherwise it might be occupied. The price for the bus trip to Landskrona depends on the number of persons participating. Entrance to the observatory is 25 SEK (3 Euro).This excursion will be organised by the local organising committee provided enough people have registered at the latest 23rd September.

Registration is closed!

2) Visit to Copenhagen and/or the Lousiana museum north of Copenhagen.

Information about the museum can be found on http://www.Louisiana.dk/.

Copenhagen and the museum can be reached by train from Lund to Malmoe (about 20 min) and from Malmoe via the Oeresund bridge to Copenhagen main railway station (about 35 min) and to Humlebaek station (about 1h and 20min). From the station in Humlebaeck it is a 10 min walk to the museum. Some trains go directly to Humlebaeck but in some cases you have to change in Malmoe.

Time table Malmö - Lund
Time table Malmö - Copenhagen

The price for a one way ticket to Humlebaeck is 139 SEK (about 15 Euro).

This excursion is on private initiative.