Lund and surroundings

Lund is a small town in southern Sweden, mostly famous for two things: the Cathedral, dating back to 11th century and being the seat of the Archbishop of Scandinavia; and the University, established in 1666 to secure Swedish dominion in this formerly Danish region.

Nowadays, Lund is almost purely an university town, hosting also several high-tech companies, like Eriksson or Gambro.

Visitors to Lund will soon discover that basically everything is within a walking distance, including University buildings, bus and railway stations, shops, restaurants, museums and hotels. List of the hotels for the Workshop participants can be found in the registration form. Alternatively, one can check the complete list of hotels in Lund at the City of Lund homepage. To find one's way around, there exist the interactive Digital Map of Lund, with search by street addresses.

Below is a collection of other links, providing various information about Lund:

H1 Collaboration Meeting, Lund 2002