Registration form

Registration deadline: March 15, 2002

Registration fee details:

Conference fee is 150 SEK, and the dinner cost is 350 SEK. Transfers should be made to Postgiro account 4541586-6, holder "Partikelfysikerna", specifying the purpose ("Partikeldagarna 2002") and the participant(s)' name(s).

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and make sure that your name is specified on the payment
 Will pay cash on arrival 
Visit to MAXLAB: Yes, will participate
No, will not participate
Conference dinner: Yes, will participate
No, will not participate
Special food preferences:  Vegetarian; specify if other:
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Hotel booking

Following hotels can be booked by the organizers:
  1. Hotell Ahlström: 7 singles, SEK 565:- and 3 doubles, SEK 765:-
  2. Hotel Sparta: 15 singles, SEK 516:-
  3. Hotel Concordia: 13 singles, SEK 920:- and 5 doubles, SEK 1020:-
Hotel preferences:Specify if other :
Check if sharing a room (double rooms only):  Sharing with (roommate's name):


Partikeldagarna 2002