1st Bulletin

Welcome to the ATLAS Physics Workshop in Lund 12-16 September 2001!

Some practical information:

1. Registration:

The registration will take place at Palaestra (Paradisgatan 4), Wednesday, 12th September 2001, between 12:00 and 14:00.

2. Travel instructions and maps:

Please look at the travel instructuons and selected maps on our homepage.

3. Network connections:

There will be a possibility to connect your laptop to the network at Palaestra (twisted pair cable) to read your emails etc. We will provide few PCs for that as well. Note that Hotel Planetstaden has network connections in the rooms.

4. Presentations:

If you wish to make a presentation using your laptop, that will be possible, and even recommended (but it is always safe to take transparencies with you as well). We will have also "our" laptop available for making presentations, but that requires that the file has to be copied to that machine IN ADVANCE. This means that the speakers should tell us before the workshop starts where we can download the file.

5. Presentations 2:

Those who have their presentations in an electronic form should upload the files to the CERN Document Server, preferably before the meeting. For the rest we will collect the transparencies, scan them and put them in the Document Server. We do not foresee to deliver paper copies during the workshop.

6. Culture:

On Saturday night, 15th September 2001, there will be a "Culture Night" in Lund. There will be over 200 happenings (concerts, exhibitions, dance performances etc.) all over the town, in restaurants, museums, churches, libraries, parks, and so on. The whole programme will be published on September 7. The Culture Night ends on Sunday morning at the Stortorget (market place) at 7:00, when a "picnic breakfast" will be served there.

You can find this bulletin at the workshop homepage http://www.quark.lu.se/physicsworkshop/bulletin1.html The homepage is updated regularly according to wishes and eventual changes, so please check the homepage once in a while.

Paula Eerola for the organizers.