Swedish Visa Information

Holders of National passports of most countries around the world (including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia, India, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Taiwan and Turkey, among others) are required to have a valid Swedish or Schengen states (since March 26, 2001) visa in order to enter Sweden. The full list can be obtained from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Attention! If you are going to travel via Copenhagen, and your Schengen visa was issued by the Swedish authorities but not stamped by Swedish border police, you have to arrange for the Danish transit visa as well!

Applications for the Swedish visa has to be submitted to the Swedish Embassy/Consulate in a country where the applicant holds a residence/work permit. For details, please contact the Embassy/Consulate officials. Holders of CERN's "Attestation des Fonctions" can apply at the Swedish Consulate in Geneva.

Typically, the application includes:

  1. properly filled application form (or 2)
  2. questionnaire
  3. letter of invitation
  4. passport-size photo (or 2)
  5. fee, equivalent of 250 SEK (eventually)
Other documents may be required by the consular service, like round-trip tickets, internal identifications, letter from the employer, statement of financial standing etc..

Time to process an application ranges from 1 day to 2 months, and even longer in summer, thus please be sure to apply at least 2 months in advance!

The letter of invitation can be obtained from the organizers by sending a request to paula.eerola@quark.lu.se

Useful links

  • Entry visas: complete information and downloadable PDF-forms at the Swedish Migration Board
  • Visa information from Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Swedish Embassy in Russia: represents Sweden also in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia.
  • Swedish Embassy in Turkey: accredited also in Azerbaijan
  • Swedish Embassy in China

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