Workshop on photon interactions and the photon structure, in Lund, September 10-13, 1998

Tentative program

Sessions (4x30 min talks)

# Subject Convenor
1 Results from HERA on the photon structure function J. Butterworth, London
2 Exclusive production in photon-photon collisions M. Krawczyk, Warsaw
3 Models for photoproduction T. Sjostrand, Lund
4 Two photon physics results at LEP N. Zimin, Lund and Dubna
5 Theoretical models for the photon structure T. Sjostrand, Lund

Invited talks (45 min talks)

# Subject Speaker
6 Two photon physics in pp and AA collisions G. Baur, FZ Juelich
7 Two photon physics in AA collisions at RHIC J. Nystrand, LBL
8 Photon physics at DAPHNE G. Pancheri, Frascati
9 Results from KEK H. Hayashii, Nara
10 Glueballs in two-photon collisions M. Pennington, Durham
11 Two-photon physics at a linear collider R. Nisius, CERN
12 Absorption of extremely high energy photons A. Lindner, Hamburg
13 Photon physics at Novosibirsk A. Maslennikov, Novosibirsk


Day 8:30-10:30 11-13 14:30-16:30 17-19
Thursday     arrival 6, 7
Friday 1 1,8,13 2 3
Saturday 4 4,9 5 free
Sunday 10,11,12 departure    


Travel instructions gives a description on various possibilities on how to get to Lund.

Those interested in participating in the workshop should fill in the registration form. Please register as soon as possible! Indicate your time of arrival and if you want to have a single or double room. Hotel rooms have been reserved at Grand Hotel and nearby Hotel Concordia in Lund (number 6 and 2 in the hotel guide). Registration on the 10th will be at the desk of Grand Hotel which is only about 100 away from the railway station in Lund, and about 200m from the bus stop if you take the airport bus 109 from Copenhagen airport. There is also an airport near Malmö called Sturup which has a convenient connection by KLM from Amsterdam (there is a direct bus to Lund from Sturup). If you take a taxi in Malmö you should use Skåne-Taxi and refer to a fixed price for Lund University (about 180 SEK). The first talks are planned for 17-19 at Grand Hotel. On Friday and Saturday the session will be held at Biskopsgården (halfway to the Physics Department).

The talks will be published in a Workshop Proceedings which we would like to have ready by the end of November 1998, i.e. the manuscripts should be available before the end of October at the latest.

Number of participants are limited to ca 40-50. Full pension is provided to the speakers, Meals for all participants. For questions concerning the organization of the workshop please contact