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Particle Physics

ATLAS experiment Which are the fundamental constituents of matter and which forces act upon them? Particle Physics is the subject that addresses the fundamental principles governing our world; forces and constituents. This understanding is formulated mathematically as theories (before called laws of nature). The subject evolves through experimental explorations, development of theories and models. Today our understanding is described by the theory the Standard Model which has an exceptional predictive power, but is incomplete. We explore the predictions of the Standard Model and seek a more complete understanding, i.e. beyond the Standard Model. In practice we conduct the research in global experimental collaborations. Today we have these experiments mainly at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

Our division takes part in ATLAS and ALICE experiments at the LHC. We also participate in PHENIX at the Brookhaven heavy ion collider. To prepare for the future we work on the upgrade of the LHC experiments and on the development of detectors for a future linear e+e- collider CLIC, ILC.

Another of our efforts, initiated by the needs of the LHC-experiments, is e-Science. Our division develops distributed computing solutions, such as the NorduGrid ARC software.

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