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Modern Experimental Particle Physics
FYST17, a 7.5 ECTS credits advanced level course, roughly based on the book by G. Barr et al "Particle Physics in the LHC Era". The course takes place each spring term. For the PhD students the course code is NAFY019.
Contact person: Else Lytken.
Particle Physics, Cosmology and Accelerators
FYSC14, a 7.5 ECTS credits course, is part of FYSC01 Physics 3, Modern Physics.
Contact persons: Peter Christiansen and Caterina Doglioni
Distributed computing concepts and tools
A 4.5 ECTS credits course for the COMPUTE research school
Contact person: Oxana Smirnova
Introduction to programming and computing for scientists
MNXB01, a 7.5 ECTS credits basic level course, introducing students to Linux, programming, and aspects of scientific computing. For the PhD students the course code is NAFY018.
Contact person: Oxana Smirnova
Muon Lab
This lab is part of the course FYS023, which is given twice a year for the 3rd year students. The purpose of the lab is to give the students an introduction to the analysis techniques of elementary particle physics experiments.
Summer Student Programmes
The CERN and DESY Summer Student Programmes offers undergraduate students of physics, computing and engineering a unique opportunity to join in the day-to-day work of research teams participating in experiments at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and DESY in Hamburg, Germany.
--> CERN Summer Student Programme
--> DESY Summer Student Programme
Diploma Projects
The division offer possibililty to do diploma thesis work within the experiments at CERN and DESY, possibly in connection with the summer student programmes.
--> Master projects
--> Masters course

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