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Grid research and support



Grid technology is the basis of the LHC computing - the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG). Amounts of data collected by LHC are too large to be stored and processed in one place. Therefore, LHC data and their processing are distributed to computing centres all over the world. These centres form the WLCG. But since all these centres are very different, Grid technology is needed to bring them together.

The Lund Grid team has been at the forefront of Grid research since 2001, when we co-initiated NorduGrid, together with our colleagues from particle physics groups in other Nordic countries. The main goal is to provide Grid-based solutions for the LHC experiments, primarily ATLAS.

The Grid solution we develop and support is ARC middleware. It is used by several WLCG computing centres, and it is the basis of the Nordic NDGF Tier-1 centre for WLCG, hosted by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration, to which we also contribute.

ARC is also a part of the European Grid middleware, the EMI. Lund Grid team is among key partners in this project.

Together with our colleagues from Uppsala, we contribute with Grid technologies to the Swedish eSSENCE collaboration, which promotes e-Science methods in various research areas.

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