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Torsten Akesson

Professor in Particle Physics

Particle Physics is the subject matter of the fundamental building blocks of matter and the forces that act on them. Research in in this area advances our knowledge about the foundations of physics, and by that our understanding of dark matter, cosmology, and the functioning of micro-cosmos. Particle Physics deeply affects our conception of the world.

My main activities are the Light Dark Matter eXperiment (LDMX) and ATLAS.

We propose LDMX to search for light dark matter. It will be able to search light dark matter of all particle natures, and with a sensitivity orders of magnitude better than what is required as deduced from the astronomically observed dark matter abundance.

ATLAS is a facility installed at the Large Hadron collider at CERN. It explores the subatomic world at the highest mass scales available on the laboratory, and is the world’s most powerful microscope. With ATLAS I try to see if what we today believe are the basic constituents, have themselves a substructure, and with ATLAS I search heavy dark matter. 

The challenging experimental task of our experiments demands a wide range of technical research and development of detector-technology, electronics, data transmission, mechanical engineering and information technology. 

My employer Lund University, and the Swedish Research Council, support my acivities.











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