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   - Create an account on https://​​   - Create an account on https://​​
-  ​- Login and choose to join the project ​called **HEP 2016/1-1** https://​​project/​4214/+    - :!: Insert your mobile phone information. It is **needed** to access aurora.  
 +  ​- Login on SUPR and choose to join project ​based on the table below 
 +    ​:!: Make sure to request an Aurora @ Lunarc account by following the link on the left panel (or https://​​account/
   - Wait to receive a password from Lunarc   - Wait to receive a password from Lunarc
 +  - **IMPORTANT:​ ACTIVATE** your account by following these instructions:​
 +    - https://​​en/​latest/​authenticator_howto/​
 +    - You can now login via SSH or graphical interface, see below.
 +^ Your division ^ Project Name ^ URL ^
 +| Nuclear Physics | **HEP 2016/1-3** | https://​​proposal/​4463/​ |
 +| Particle Physics | **HEP 2016/1-4** | https://​​proposal/​4465/​ |
 +| Theoretical Physics | **HEP 2016/1-5** | https://​​proposal/​4466/​ |
 +| Mathematical Physics | **LU 2016/2-10** | https://​​project/​4973/​ |
 ===== SSH - Shell access ===== ===== SSH - Shell access =====
-Once you have +Once you have a SUPR account, you can login to Aurora using the username and password that Lunarc gave you, and remember that you need a mobile phone to complete access. 
 +==== Required software: ==== 
 +On Linux or Mac, you should have the **ssh client** already installed. 
 +On Windows you can use putty and optionally some XWindows emulator. More info here: [[it_tips:​xwindowswithmswindows]] 
 +==== Login procedure ==== 
 +access aurora via the hostname ''​'',​ example: 
 +<code bash> ssh -X </​code>​ 
 +When asked about the OTP code, check your mobile phone and insert the code you just received. 
 +You will be logged in to the **frontend node**. :!: NOTE: :!: it is NOT possible to run your code on the frontend node. This is a very big difference to Iridium. Your code can only run on the dedicated nodes. 
 +If you run stuff on the frontend you will be kicked out of the cluster. 
 +Please follow the guide [[aurora_cluster:​running_on_aurora]] to know how to run your code. 
 +Generic login documentation from Lunarc is here: 
 +===== Lunarc Graphical Desktop ===== 
 +Lunarc Graphical Desktop is a full desktop solution that runs in front of the cluster. 
 +You can start your jobs and have your text editors always open and just disconnect. 
 +Every time you log back in you will have your work environment already up and running. 
 +Information how to use and access this feature is here: 
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