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 ====== Florido Paganelli ====== ====== Florido Paganelli ======
-{{https://​​-_lsOT9LlYiw/​Udfd1dODC9I/​AAAAAAAAADU/​mlFppuPX02U/​w599-h602-no/​togpluswork.JPG?200 }}+{{::imgr0015.png?400 |}}
 **Research engineer** **Research engineer**
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 **Live online IM contacts:** **Live online IM contacts:**
-  * **gTalk**: +  * **gTalk/Hangouts**: ​but send me an email first, I am not always connected. 
-  *  **Skype**: florido.paganelli +  * **Skype**: florido.paganelli 
-  * If you're using a **bonjour-avahi** compatible Instant Messenger, such as those on an Apple computer, you *mightsee me online with florido@<​somehostname>​+  * **Slack**: NeiC and HEP networks 
 +  ​* **Vidyo**: Contact ​me via email and I will share my room link. I am not always connected.
 ---- ----
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