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 **Cluster status:** **ON**, up and running. **Cluster status:** **ON**, up and running.
-FIXME n11 is broken and under maintenance. 
 Iridium cluster is a computing facility to serve researchers Iridium cluster is a computing facility to serve researchers
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 [[http://​|Lunarc]] team. [[http://​|Lunarc]] team.
-**The cluster entered ​a preliminary test phase.** ​Read more here: +**[[iridium_cluster:​phase3|The cluster entered ​the phase 3.]]**
-===== Information for early testers ​=====+===== Planned scheduled maintenance ​=====
-[[iridium_cluster:​howtos_users|{{http://​​wp-content/​uploads/​2008/​12/​knight-top.jpg?​100 }}]] This page contains all you need to access the cluster. Can be found [[iridium_cluster:​howtos_users|here]]+A total shutdown is planned in the **8-12 of August 2016**. 
 +===== Information for users ===== 
 +To quick start, please read: 
 +  - [[iridium_cluster:​basic_informationBasic information]] 
 +  - [[iridium_cluster:​testnodesInteractive access to the cluster: using the test nodes]]
 ---- ----
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