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 ====== B. Using the division scanner ====== ====== B. Using the division scanner ======
 +There are two options to scan with the division scanner:
 +  * [[#B.1. With the division laptop]]
 +  * [[#B.2. With your own computer]]
 +===== B.1. With the division laptop =====
 +To print with the division laptop, you need **an account on teddi**. If you do not know what this means or you do not have such access, ask Florido.
 +  - Turn on the scanner {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​scanswitch.jpg?​300 |}}
 +  - Turn on the laptop (could be in sleep mode) {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​suspend.jpg?​300 |}}
 +  - Login with your teddi username and password.
 +  - Locate a program called "​SimpleScan"​. Usually is in the menu //​Graphics->​SimpleScan//​
 +  - Place the original in the scanner making sure to align to the page format, then close the lid
 +  - To scan a page, click on scan: {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​scan.png?​400 |}}
 +    - If you have a long documents with many pages, simple scan will add the pages automatically every time you press the scan button
 +    - Once you're done with all page, you can save the document. Default is png but if you change the file extension to ''​.pdf''​ SimpleScan will create a multipage pdf. The file will be saved in the path you decide, by default your home folder on teddi. {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​saving.png?​800 |}}
 +  - To start to scan a new document, press the [+] icon and repeat the above steps. {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​newdoc.png?​400 |}}
 +  - Once done :!: LOGOUT :!: from the laptop.
 +  - Turn off the scanner
 +  - Put the machine back to sleep by pressing the gear in the top right corner: {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​img_20181128_114919.jpg?​300 |}}
 +===== B.2. With your own computer =====
 +  - If you're using:
 +    - **Linux**: you must have the sane scanner libraries (they contain the scanner drivers) and SimpleScan to be able to scan. 
 +      - On ubuntu: <​code:​bash>​sudo apt-get install saned simplescan</​code>​
 +    - **Windows**:​ you need to install the scanner drivers. Windows 10 might detect it automatically but if not, you can search for them here: [[https://​​us-en/​drivers/​selfservice/​hp-scanjet-4850-photo-scanner/​447373]]. ​
 +      - :!: NOTE :!: If you install the scanner drivers by yourself, you must FIRST install the drivers and THEN connect the scanner USB connector to your laptop.
 +  - Disconnect the scanner USB connection from the division laptop, and connect it to your computer. {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​usbcable.jpg?​400 |}}
 +  - Turn on the scanner. {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​scanswitch.jpg?​300 |}}
 +  - If on 
 +    - Linux, follow the steps [[#B.1. With the division laptop|B.1.4]]-[[#​B.1. With the division laptop|B.1.7]]
 +    - Windows, use the program you fancy.
 +  - When done, 
 +    - **turn off** the scanner
 +    - **reconnect its USB to the division laptop** {{ :​it_services:​pf:​scan:​usbcable.jpg?​400 |}}
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