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 ====== Scheduled Maintenance ====== ====== Scheduled Maintenance ======
-===== Upgrade of machines 2015 ===== 
-Machines to upgrade: **15** 
-**Reasons:​** Main reason is to avoid security holes and have latest libraries/​software. 
-[[#​Situation]] and [[#​Selection criterias]] 
-Some machines also need to be changed because they are too old. 
-==== Tentative Schedule ==== 
-NOTE: The expected update time for each machine is between 2 and 3 hours. 
-^  Key Definitions ​ ^^ 
-^Workstation|A desktop machine which people uses by sitting in front of. Usually located in offices.| 
-^Remote Workstation|A machine which people uses only through ssh access. Usually located in a server room.| 
-^Server|A machine that is used by the infrastructure,​ usually only accessed directly by an Admin. Usually located in a server room.| 
-^ Date ^ hostname ^ Type ^ Memory(GB) ^ Cores ^ Operating System ^ Upgrade description ^ Impact | 
-|2015-04-28|piff|Server|2|2|Scientific Linux 5.5|Discuss with grid group - Buy a virtualization machine?| only florido | 
-|buy HW|fnatte|Server|1|2AMD|OpenSUSE 10.3| license server - storage: buy new HW | a user group | 
-|buy HW|magica|Server|8|8|OpenSUSE 11.3| New services i.e. git-svn? and Update to CentOS 6, buy new HW| Everybody | 
-|buy HW|teddi|Server|1|2|OpenSUSE 12.1|Update to CentOS 6, increase mem, buy new HW| Everybody | 
-|buy HW|winifred|Server|1|2|OpenSUSE 12.1|Buy new small machine for TV and decommission| Kitchen TV | 
-| Debian 6 expires 2016 |tjatte|Workstation|2|2|Debian 6|Consider update to Lubuntu 12.04/​Debian 7 32bit | only 1 user | 
-|SLC5 expires 2017|kajsa|Workstation|2|2|Scientific Linux CERN 5.11|Update to SL6?| only 1 user | 
-|SLC5 expires 2017|kalle|Workstation|4|2|Scientific Linux CERN 5.10|Update to SL6?| nobody | 
-|SLC5 expires 2017|penny|Workstation|2|2|Scientific Linux CERN 5.10|Update to SL6?| only 1 user | 
-|SLC5 expires 2017|phenix3|Workstation|0,​768|1|Scientific Linux CERN 5.10|Move indico server to department and decommission machine| everybody | 
-|N/​A|lufsen|Server|0,​512|1|Ubuntu 12.04|Change hardware| Everybody | 
-==== Selection criterias ==== 
-Machines with unsupported operating systems should be upgraded as follows: 
-  - For Workstations/​Remote Workstations with memory less than or equal to 2GB, the target upgrade will be Lubuntu/​Kubuntu 12.04 32bit (Supported until Apr, 2017 see https://​​Releases) 
-  - For Workstations/​Remote Workstations with memory above 2GB, the target upgrade will be Ubuntu 14.04 64bit (Supported until Apr, 2019 see https://​​Releases) 
-  - For Servers, the target upgrade will be CentOS 6 (Supported until November 30th, 2020 see http://​​About/​Product#​fndef-f629e99f98d098d5979628e3a302a1b0579202ce-1) 
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