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     * https://​​administrativa-system     * https://​​administrativa-system
   * networking infrastructure   * networking infrastructure
-    * ask Florido ​or Lennart+    * ask Florido
 For updated information on these, refer to LDC pages: ​ https://​​ For updated information on these, refer to LDC pages: ​ https://​​
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 These are: These are:
   * Cloud backup OwnCloud   * Cloud backup OwnCloud
-    * Similar to dropbox. Contact Florido ​or Lennart ​for an account and details.+    * Similar to dropbox. Contact Florido for an account and details. If you have a laptop from the division, an account will be created for you. If you don't know what this is, please contact me ASAP.
   * Indico server ​   * Indico server ​
     * https://​ ​     * https://​ ​
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